Cutelyst  1.5.0
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Cutelyst::ViewEmail Class Reference

#include <viewemail.h>

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Public Types

enum  AuthMethod { AuthNone, AuthPlain, AuthLogin }
enum  ConnectionType { TcpConnection, SslConnection, TlsConnection }
- Public Types inherited from Cutelyst::Component
enum  Modifier {
  None, OnlyExecute, BeforeExecute, AroundExecute,

Public Member Functions

 ViewEmail (QObject *parent, const QString &name=QString())
QByteArray defaultCharset () const
QByteArray defaultContentType () const
QByteArray defaultEncoding () const
QByteArray render (Context *c) const override
AuthMethod senderAuthMethod () const
ConnectionType senderConnectionType () const
QString senderHost () const
QString senderPassword () const
int senderPort () const
QString senderUser () const
void setDefaultCharset (const QByteArray &charset)
void setDefaultContentType (const QByteArray &contentType)
void setDefaultEncoding (const QByteArray &encoding)
void setSenderAuthMethod (AuthMethod method)
void setSenderConnectionType (ConnectionType ct)
void setSenderHost (const QString &host)
void setSenderPassword (const QString &password)
void setSenderPort (int port)
void setSenderUser (const QString &user)
void setStashKey (const QString &stashKey)
QString stashKey () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Cutelyst::View
 View (QObject *parent, const QString &name=QString())
virtual Modifiers modifiers () const override
QString name () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Cutelyst::Component
 Component (QObject *parent=nullptr)
bool execute (Context *c)
virtual bool init (Application *application, const QVariantHash &args)
QString name () const
 name More...
QString reverse () const
 name More...
void setName (const QString &name)
void setReverse (const QString &reverse)

Protected Member Functions

 ViewEmail (ViewEmailPrivate *d, QObject *parent, const QString &name=QString())
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Cutelyst::Component
virtual bool afterExecute (Context *c)
void applyRoles (const QStack< Component * > &roles)
virtual bool aroundExecute (Context *c, QStack< Component * > stack)
virtual bool beforeExecute (Context *c)
virtual bool dispatcherReady (const Dispatcher *dispatch, Controller *controller)

Protected Attributes

ViewEmailPrivate * d_ptr
- Protected Attributes inherited from Cutelyst::Component
ComponentPrivate * d_ptr


QByteArray defaultCharset
QByteArray defaultContentType
QByteArray defaultEncoding
QString stashKey

Detailed Description

ViewEmail is a Cutelyst::View handler that sends stash data via e-mail.

Definition at line 33 of file viewemail.h.

Member Function Documentation

QByteArray Cutelyst::ViewEmail::defaultCharset ( ) const

Returns the default charset for every MIME part with the content type text.

QByteArray Cutelyst::ViewEmail::defaultContentType ( ) const

Returns the default content type (mime type).

QByteArray Cutelyst::ViewEmail::render ( Context c) const

All subclasses must reimplement this when doing it's rendering. If an error (c->error()) is not set c->response()->body() is defined with the returned value, this is useful if the view is not meant to be used as a body.

Implements Cutelyst::View.

Reimplemented in Cutelyst::ViewEmailTemplate.

void Cutelyst::ViewEmail::setDefaultCharset ( const QByteArray &  charset)

Defines the default charset for every MIME part with the content type text. According to RFC2049 a MIME part without a charset should be treated as US-ASCII by the mail client. If the charset is not set it won't be set for all MIME parts without an overridden one.

void Cutelyst::ViewEmail::setDefaultContentType ( const QByteArray &  contentType)

Defines the default content type (mime type).