Cutelyst  1.5.0
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Cutelyst::Component Class Reference

The Cutelyst Component base class. More...

#include <Cutelyst/Component>

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Public Types

enum  Modifier {
  None, OnlyExecute, BeforeExecute, AroundExecute,

Public Member Functions

 Component (QObject *parent=nullptr)
bool execute (Context *c)
virtual bool init (Application *application, const QVariantHash &args)
virtual Modifiers modifiers () const
QString name () const
 name More...
QString reverse () const
 name More...
void setName (const QString &name)
void setReverse (const QString &reverse)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool afterExecute (Context *c)
void applyRoles (const QStack< Component * > &roles)
virtual bool aroundExecute (Context *c, QStack< Component * > stack)
virtual bool beforeExecute (Context *c)
virtual bool dispatcherReady (const Dispatcher *dispatch, Controller *controller)
virtual bool doExecute (Context *c)

Protected Attributes

ComponentPrivate * d_ptr


class Controller

Detailed Description

This is the base class of a Cutelyst component

Definition at line 40 of file component.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Cutelyst::Component::dispatcherReady ( const Dispatcher dispatch,
Controller controller 

Called by dispatcher once it's done preparing actions

Subclasses might want to implement this to cache special actions, such as special methods for REST actions

Reimplemented in Cutelyst::RoleACL.

virtual bool Cutelyst::Component::init ( Application application,
const QVariantHash &  args 

A Does class is always attached to an action, if this method returns false the application will fail to start. Often useful if the user misconfigured the settings

Reimplemented in Cutelyst::RenderView, and Cutelyst::RoleACL.

QString Cutelyst::Component::name ( ) const
Returns the sub name of this Component.
QString Cutelyst::Component::reverse ( ) const
Returns the private name of this component.

Definition at line 111 of file component.h.