Cutelyst  1.8.0
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Cutelyst::StaticSimple Class Reference
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 StaticSimple (Application *parent)
void setDirs (const QStringList &dirs)
void setIncludePaths (const QStringList &paths)
virtual bool setup (Application *app)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Cutelyst::Plugin
 Plugin (Application *parent)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file staticsimple.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Cutelyst::StaticSimple::StaticSimple ( Application parent)

Constructs a new static simple object with the given parent.

Member Function Documentation

void Cutelyst::StaticSimple::setDirs ( const QStringList &  dirs)

Sets a list of top-level directories beneath your 'root' directory that should always be served in static mode.

void Cutelyst::StaticSimple::setIncludePaths ( const QStringList &  paths)

Sets a list of directories in which to search for your static files. The directories will be searched in order and will return the first file found. Note that your root directory is not automatically added to the search path when you specify an include_path.

virtual bool Cutelyst::StaticSimple::setup ( Application app)

Reimplemented from Plugin::setup().

Reimplemented from Cutelyst::Plugin.