Cutelyst  1.8.0
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Cutelyst::DispatchType Class Referenceabstract
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Public Types

enum  MatchType { NoMatch, PartialMatch, ExactMatch }

Public Member Functions

 DispatchType (QObject *parent=nullptr)
virtual ActionexpandAction (Context *c, Action *action) const
virtual bool inUse ()=0
virtual bool isLowPrecedence () const
virtual QByteArray list () const =0
 list the registered actions To be implemented by subclasses
virtual MatchType match (Context *c, const QString &path, const QStringList &args) const =0
virtual bool registerAction (Action *action)
 registerAction More...
virtual QString uriForAction (Action *action, const QStringList &captures) const =0

Protected Member Functions

void setupMatchedAction (Context *c, Action *action) const


class Application
class Dispatcher

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file dispatchtype.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

This enum is used to describe the kind of a match

Definition at line 38 of file dispatchtype.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Cutelyst::DispatchType::DispatchType ( QObject *  parent = nullptr)

Construct a DispatchType object

Member Function Documentation

virtual Action* Cutelyst::DispatchType::expandAction ( Context c,
Action action 
) const

Expand the action to a list of actions which is used in chained

Reimplemented in Cutelyst::DispatchTypeChained.

virtual bool Cutelyst::DispatchType::inUse ( )
pure virtual

If false the dispatcher will be unregistered for performance reasons. This method can be used to prepare actions for dispatcher as in a Chain of Actions there is no garantee of registering order.

In the common case if the dispatcher has registered any action, or in some special case that it doesn't need actions it will return true.

Implemented in Cutelyst::DispatchTypeChained, and Cutelyst::DispatchTypePath.

virtual bool Cutelyst::DispatchType::isLowPrecedence ( ) const

Returns true if the dispatch type has low precedence when the precedence is the same the Class name is used to sort them.

virtual MatchType Cutelyst::DispatchType::match ( Context c,
const QString &  path,
const QStringList &  args 
) const
pure virtual

Return true if the dispatchType matches the given path

Implemented in Cutelyst::DispatchTypeChained, and Cutelyst::DispatchTypePath.

virtual bool Cutelyst::DispatchType::registerAction ( Action action)

Reimplemented in Cutelyst::DispatchTypeChained, and Cutelyst::DispatchTypePath.

void Cutelyst::DispatchType::setupMatchedAction ( Context c,
Action action 
) const

Sets the matched action to the Context

virtual QString Cutelyst::DispatchType::uriForAction ( Action action,
const QStringList &  captures 
) const
pure virtual

Returns an uri for an action

Implemented in Cutelyst::DispatchTypePath, and Cutelyst::DispatchTypeChained.